Dalyan is a cute place located in the Ortaca district just between Marmaris and Fethiye in the Muğla province.  Dalyan which is a natural wonder was  declared Special Environmental Protection Area was in 1998; in December 2008 UK newspaper The Times selected  it as "Best open space Europe." The channel which is approximately 12 kms long, takes its name from the town. The town center is beside the channel, approximately just between the lake and the sea, amidst surrounding historical and natural beauties... 

There are so many things to do in Dalyan!

Indulge in biking around the town, visiting the local market set up on Saturdays, shopping at souvenir shops, drinking tea beside the channel and from there going by boat to swim at world-famous Iztuzu beach.

We recommend that you visit Captain June’s Hut and the Turtle Hospital which are on Iztuzu beach. The mud baths and Köyceğiz trip are also very enjoyable.


Iztuzu Beach was selected as Turkey’s best beach and Europe’s fifth best beach by TripAdvisor Traveller Choice 2015. There is no other beach which is fresh water on one side and the Mediternanean sea on the other side. 

Natural wonder Iztuzu is 5,400 meters long, extending from the fringe of Radar peak to the Dalyan Strait. If you add the Small Beach which is on the west of the strait, its lenght exceeds 6 kilometers. The thin sand on this beach is an ideal nesting ground for the Caretta Caretta turtles. It can be reach by road from its eastern side and by road from its western side. Both sides also have different characteristics.

There are two separate beach facilities at both ends. The one that can be reached by boat is called ‘Dalyanağzı Plajı’ (Dalyan mouth beach), and the one on the other end is called Iztuzu beach. Both beach facilities are run by the municipality, therefore prices for food, drinks and sunbeds are reasonable.

The middle part of the beach is waiting for you in a completely natural state. It is ideal for  those who want to be isolated from the crowds. 

From May to September, the beach is closed from 20:00 (8pm) until 08:00  (8am) as this is the time when the Caretta Caretta species of sea turtles come lay their eggs on the beach. At nigh the beach is left completely to the turtles and to their protectors.


The Kaunos rock tombs in Dalyan are one of its most prominent landmarks. Built in the 4th century B.C and then also used during the Roman era, the rock tombs offer a marvelous sight, especially for those interested in taking photographs during the boat tour. 

As in other ancient cities, Kaunos has a large cemetery outside the settlement area. In the cemetery area situated at location with beautiful views, different types of graves stand out. Kaunos can be reached from Dalyan by boat. The ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos can be reached in a ten minute walk from the pier.


The Sultaniye Hot Springs which is famous in Turkey is located at the fringe of mount Ölemez has a history of over 2000 years. Its waters which contain 12 different minerals are believed to cure rheumatism, skin, liver, spleen and bowel complaints, as well as being beneficial for nervous, digestive disorders and gynecological problems. The mud baths are also said to remedy rheumatism as well as cleanse and beautify skin. Once you have covered yourself in the mud, than you wait for few minutes to dry it. You clean yourself in the sulphur pool. Mud bath and water is at a temperature of 40 degrees. It is really great fun playing in the mud, rubbing it on your body and taking lots of pictures of this unique memory. The hot springs are 4km from Dalyan and can be reached by boat. 


Possessing one of the most special gifts of nature and history, the town of Köycegiz (kuy-JEH-yeez)  stands beside the same named lake which covers an area of 52km. This natural haven hosts Turkey’s only sweetgum trees, as well as pristine citrus trees.  

Köyceğiz can be reached by boats departing from Dalyan and on Mondays you can also visit Köyceğiz local market. 


If you enjoy being in nature, you can enjoy an exciting and beautiful experience by going on a  jeep safari. The safaris start early morning and there are a wide variety of routes to choose from. 


Another Dalyan classic... the Dalaman River flows near Dalyan and is a well-known and cherished place by Turkish rafting lovers. You can try rafting here even if you have never rafted before because there are two seperate routes. The difficult route is for professional rafter and completing the route without tipping demands deftness. On the easy route, even your child can attend. This activity is a combination of excitement and fun.


Göcek has long been a desirable destination for both Turkish and foreign yachtsmen, as well as a favorite stopover for jet-setters and celebrities alike. Named ‘Kalimche’ in ancient times, this small town is one of the Lycian settlements found between Caunos (Dalyan) and Telmessos (Fethiye). This paradisical village of four-thousand inhabitants is 30-40 minutes bus ride awaz from Dalyan. It is a natural beauty where all shades of blue and green blend. The tour which starts in Göcek takes you by boat to islands and to  bays where the pine trees reach the shore. Swimming breaks are given in several places so that you can enjoy the turqoise waters and watch the colorful fish. Do not forget to pack your snorkel and goggles!

Fethiye, Kayaköy, Ölüdeniz

Fethiye, 60km away from Dalyan, is the best place for shopping in the region. On Tuesdays a very extensive local market is set up behind the football stadium. You can find just about anything there, from spices and Turkish delight to kitchen utensils, linen and clothing.

Kayaköy, also known as the ‘Stone Village’, is a unique and fascinating place that is steeped in history.  This small picturesque village between the foothills of Ölüdeniz and Fethiye consists of ruins of ancient Greek houses, chapels and a small school. It is also renowned for the famous novel ‘Birds without wings’, written by Louis de Bernieres and more recently the ‘Water Diviner’ film directed by and starring Russell Crowe.The village has a few small restaurants offering local & traditional cuisine and a couple of cafes and wine houses offering a more International menu.  


If one of the used in Turkey’s promotion, another one is Ölüdeniz. Like Iztuzu it has natural white sand. Due to the sea deepening suddenly all shades of blue can be observed at Ölüdeniz beach. It was selected as Turkey’s fourth best beach by TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2015. Besides various watersports, paragliding is also an extremely popular activity that can be done in Ölüdeniz.


 Saklikent Gorge is the second-largest ( 18km-long) gorge in Europe, the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey, about a 40 minutes’ drive from Fethiye.  It is a spectacular place, with sculpted walls soaring high above of the gorge is walkable after April when most of the snow from the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through the gorge on its way to the Xanthos River. When you arrive, the entrance to the gorge is under the bridge over the large stream.  A narrow walkway suspended from the rock wall will take you into the gorge.  Once inside, you reach the Ulupinar springs where water bubbles up under great force from the base of the cliffs and you wade across the stream into the gorge proper to begin your walk. On the way to Saklıkent there are many local restaurants and at Saklıkent there are restuarants with platforms over the river where you can chillout. 

During the same trip you can discover the ancient city of Tlos which is nearby.